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Thunder clan's eyes were shut accept for cinderpaw's and fireheart's. Cinderpaw stood up shacking but balanced and Fireheart walked over to her. Fireheart was amazed. CINDERPAW! Fireheart.. Cinderpaw said Lets go look at the stars. Fireheart and Cinderpaw padded over to the spot Fireheart first saw princess. Cinderpaw looked at the stars and saw a cat shaped cloud near the moon. Fireheart look! Thats Crimsonstone she died in the river. May starclan light her path. Ciderpaw said
Welcome to my art channel. Im new and not great at art yet but there is a very good chance i shall get better. If you have any request i draw wolves,cats ( mainly warriors) and other animals. Cats I'm thinking of drawing princess,fire heart,bluestar, spotted leaf and greystripe. Thanks for reading this short overview of my channel! See y'all  next time!
Doing art commissions for free. mainly warrior cats. But i will draw any thing!


                    _  w33kday
    I have no time to draw anything today so I am typing this up steak. my dad: i'm ready to eat. That is why i have no time to draw!
i"m bored :3 thanks for reading this